Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Things that annoy me when I'm pregnant (pt1)

Things that annoy me when I'm pregnant (pt 1)

Sorry this isn't a hypochondriac post but I'm sure there are some other pregnant ladies out there who can identify with those days where everything and everyone annoys you. Especially these things:

1. When someone who already has children asks you if you're tired and then delights in this response when you say yes..."OHHHHH you just wait" - I hate you and that smug look on your face. 

2. When you're still feeling horrendously nauseas after spending the morning with your head in the loo retching and someone says "oh you are so unlucky, my morning sickness had gone by now". What a helpful statement. You dick. 

3. People who say "oh you should watch One Born Every Minute" like it's some sort of holy grail for pregnant ladies. I've never seen anyone give birth to the placenta on that programme or heard anyone ever mention the dreaded ring of fire. 

4. When people ask me why I'm finding out what the sex is.. because I'M A CONTROL FREAK OK and I have many lists to write and things to plan over the next four months. 

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