Thursday, 17 July 2014

The umbilical hernia

Sooooo last night was fairly traumatic, for my fiance more so than me, who had to listen to me explain multiple times why I thought I had an umbilical hernia. I'm actually really lucky that the majority of the time, he's amazing enough to know how ridiculous I'm being because if he ever did turn around and say 'Oh wow we'd better get you to the doctors' I think I'd have some sort of serious panic attack that I was right.... you can sympathise fellow hypochondriacs 

Anyway my belly button hurt and Google had diagnosed a hernia. Naturally I ignored the other less stressful suggestions and settled with the hernia which was the worst possible case. After accepting that I'd need an operation to correct it after the birth, I then did another quick Google - 'sore belly button at 17 weeks pregnant' and it turns out that this is completely normal at this stage.

And that my bellybutton is on its way out. 

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