Sunday, 20 July 2014

The ongoing Asthma saga

I've been asked numerous times since being pregnant how I would rate my asthma. Now to a self diagnosed hypochondriac, this is a pretty tricky question. How do I get across how serious I think it is without her treating me like I'm seriously ill. Or worse, telling me that she thinks I might have actual hypochondria.

So I say… 'mild'. She asks me how many times I use my inhaler per day, I answer, she confirms it's mild with a smile, writes it in my notes and that's that. So how does this six second conversation send me into a spin?

Well I've lied you see. I've bloody lied to an NHS healthcare professional. I minused about 10 puffs of the blue stuff and told her I take less than I do. 

So on the way home,  breathing in serious amounts of pollen and other stuff that I imagine is inflaming my bronchi, I worry about how bad my asthma really is. And of course, because of all the pollen and other hellish particles that are now in my lungs, I get out the inhaler and begin puffing away. 

The thing is, when I really think about those extra puffs (like the ones I'm having right now) are really 'just incase'. So I guess my asthma really is mild anyway. Which my fiancĂ© confirms with constant reminders of 'you're not even wheezing!'. 

Sooooo…. Ventolin addiction post coming soon. 

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