Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A little drinky

I can't wait to meet our little bundle of joy. I'm overwhelmed sometimes about how much I already love her when I haven't even met her. So overwhelmed in fact that I could burst into tears just thinking about what she looks and smells like.

But I'm also really excited about something else... something called Pinot Grigio. Over the last five months I've forgotten what it tastes like and I have to admit I'm excited about having a little glass of ice cold blush. This has lead to a new hatred of preggos who say "Oh I don't miss it, I have other things to think about" while patting their round tum with a smug look on their freshly make-upped 'my-morning-sickness-stopped-at-12-weeks-like-they-said-it would' faces. 

All I have to say to this is eff you. Lying bastards. 

PS: I'm not an alcoholic. I prom. Although I will just do some Googling to make sure...

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